Palliative Care

  • Explain the modern model of palliative care as it applies to those living with life-threatening or life-limiting illness (non-malignant or malignant)
  • Explain to patients/families the concepts of Advance Care Planning, Goals of Care and DNR
  • Identify early signs of the patient entering the last year of life
  • Demonstrate an approach to assessing a patient at end of life including the use of the  Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale and Palliative Performance Scale
  • Be aware of the challenges when discussing prognosis of chronic diseases
  • Demonstrate basic principles in assessing two common symptoms in palliative care: pain control and dyspnea
  • Address patient’s and families’ views around life sustaining therapies and nutritional care at end of life 
  • Identify local resources to support palliative patients and their families
  • Accurately complete a death certificate


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